Revolution In Medical & Surgical Distribution In Pakistan

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring positive change in the current complex structure of medical supplies and make it easily accessible using power of technology, breaking all geographical barriers

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to innovative and quality health treatment driving Accessibility, Availability, Affordability and Awareness

Our Commitment

As we evolved from a medical supplies portal to a health-tech leader, DistRevo remains committed to make a difference in every aspect of Pakistan healthcare. Right from bridging the urban-rural gap, to innovating solutions to help predict demand in hospitals, we are devoted to transforming healthcare

Together We Save Lives

Our motto of saving lives lies at the core of every business at DistRevo. As supply, delivery, procurement, installation and service support can prove to be time-critical in healthcare, every member of DistRevo is dedicated to meeting expectations around the clock

Our Core Values

These are some values we live by, and as a company, we work by them too. We are building a platform to ensure that it can help in saving lives.

-Open Communication: Transparent, free-flowing & two-way communication across the organization

-Agility: Moving in swiftly, seamlessly, and cohesively with changing trends & times

-Growth Mindset: As a young startup, we continue to grow, and help our employees grow along

-Creative Problem Solving: We encourage new ideas, out of the box thinking and imagination to solve problems

-Solidarity: A positive work environment that ensures a sense of pride and achievement

-Customer Obsession: Customers are at the focus of our every plan and action

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